Google Chrome thoughts

Just like everyone else on tech side of the web I too was waiting the availability of chrome, Googles new browser. I did install it and it worked wonderfully like they had touted. From the minimalistic approach to design to the new way tabs are handled in their own process.. it was great. I was pretty excited about it and planned to use it on my mac and linux boxes when it came available.

Bob Parsons 16 Rules for success

I just stumbled across these today.. and after reading over them find them quite insightful.. I thought I'd post them here. You can also find them on his blog here:

1. Get and stay out of your comfort zone.
I believe that not much happens of any significance when we're in our comfort zone. I hear people say, "But I'm concerned about security." My response to that is simple: "Security is for cadavers."

2. Never give up.

Setting up Flash Media Server 2 or 3 on Ubuntu

Just recently I have been playing with Ubuntu Server 8.04 LTS and have really started liking it. Yes I have been an openSuse guy but as of late the tiny footprint and package manager have really intrigued me. So I stated to play on it.. and of course installed FMS2 and FMS3. So I thought I'd put yet another place on the web where the search bots would find it. Now.. to the meat!

Here are a few "how-to's" for running FMS2 and FMS3 on Ubuntu.. and I can verify they work:


Openscreen project announced

This is great news! Not only does it have a lot of big players involved.. but it also loosens things up for using swfs and flvs in a way previous prohibited.. very good for the industry and great to see Adobe making yet another good gesture to open source..( see flex opensource)

Read from the links below for the full scoop!

Port tester for Flash Media Server and Wowza Media Server

I have had a lot of people asking for the code to my port tester located on well I have decided to post it here. It's a zip that contains a fla and I plan to port it to AS3 and an external AS2 file as well.. This is just an old pet project and so I haven't updated it for a bit.

Click here to download as2 fla.


Using the FMS http admin call, broadcastMsg

For the past few days I have been trying to find out how to use the FMS http admin call broadcastMsg. In the Adobe docs it states:

Command: broadcastMsg
Required Arguments: scope, method

Optional Arguments: arg0, arg1, arg2 ...

Sample URL: /admin/broadcastMsg?scope="App:myApp"&method="myMethod"&arg0="foo"&arg1="bar"

Well that's all fine and dandy.. but there is no other documentation. Working with a friend of mine, Fernando Flórez, we were able to get it working.. more him than me.. :-)

So the secret? Well I kept trying something like so:

FLV Batch file convert with ffmpeg

I just spent some time researching the best way to do a batch convert of flv files to another type. After searching I ended up writing this bash script.

for f in *.flv;
echo "Processing $f"
ffmpeg -i "$f" -target ntsc-dvd "${f%.flv}.mpg"

This converts all files with extension flv to a ntsc dvd format with file extension mpg. You can tweak it for your needs.

Happy flashing!

FMS3 (Flash Media Server 3) Is out in the open

With the huge performance gains on windows and linux for FMS3 we see a lot of other new features that have shown up for us developers to use. With that said.. FMS 3 is now available for purchase/use.

The Adobe team worked really hard on this release and it shows.. it's a great product.

Check it out.

Flash Media Server 3 announced

Adobe had officially announced the release of the Flash Media Server 3. It will hit shelves the first quarter of 08. It will have two editions. A pure streaming server and an interactive server. You can read more about it here.

All good news but I'd have liked to see the price on the interactive server even less.. but edge origin is now included!.. which is very good news indeed.

FFMPEG can now decode the nellymoser format

It was back on Oct 15 that ffmpeg ( announced it has native support for decoding the nellymoser audio codec found in files recorded to a flash media server. This is excellent news seeing as users can now record audio via a slick flash interface and then post it as an mp3 or podcast it via iTunes or whatever tool they prefer.

Great job guys.. very cool to see things progressing.

Check it out.

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