Sliverlight on Linux (Moonlight)

I just got around posting this.. but Silverlight.. the supposed flash killer now is running on Linux. Well.. it's running through mono on Linux so Microsoft didn't do any diligence in getting it there. Novell stepped up and got things running. Kindof cool.

Check it out.

Huddle gets a face lift

Just wanted to let everyone know that the product I am the developer on just got a huge facelift. The site is . Now the web site hasn't gotten quite the face lift it needs but the tool it self looks much improved.

We have also added event tagging for sorting and organizing of events.... quite the nice feature.. and much needed as well.

Flex goes open source

This is very good news! Flex builder and flex data services are not being open sourced at this time... bummer. :)

"Adobe announced strategic plans to move the development of Flex to an open source model."

"This includes not only the source to the ActionScript components from the Flex SDK, which have been available in source code form with the SDK since Flex 2 was released, but also includes the Java source code for the ActionScript and MXML compilers, the ActionScript debugger and the core ActionScript libraries from the SDK."

Silverlight from Microsoft

I just got done reading a great, but biased.. :), review of Microsoft Silverlight. I laughed a bit and think he has some very valid points.. should be an interesting run.

Check it out.

Adobe unveils new Media Player

If you haven't heard yet Adobe has been working on and now as officially released news around a new Media Player. This is built on Apollo which is a great demonstration of building an enterprise application on Apollo.

I am excited about the potential and power of Apollo. This media player will bring to the table some drm for flash video. Good or bad?.. you decide. It'll be interesting see where this goes.

Check it out.

Adobe CS3 "Goes Live" without Go Live

Today is the day that has been long awaited by programmers and developers alike.. as well as "Provelopers".

Interestingly enough Go Live is not in any of the bundles. But that is not a sad thing... this is a joyous occasion. I'm excited about all the integration between the products, however adobe did not fail in passing along it's price tag on the new packages.

Anyway... this will open the doors to yet another internet revolution.

Check out all the details here.

Adobe's site

Adobe devnet article #2

Adobe just posted another article I wrote... ok I actually co-authored this one. Very informative. The article is entiteled "Performance-tuning Flash Media Server 2 for live webcasts using Linux". It's a great read even for those who are just tuning apache without the Flash media server.

Check it out.

Microsoft Vista: Short Review

It all started last week when the company I work for hired a new developer. This new developer inherited an old dell with winXP on it. The developer who gave up this machine received in return a brand new, shiny Windows Vista machine.

As curiosity would have it we all crowded around his machine to see first hand the latest achievement of Microsoft fully hoping to be blown away. After all, Microsoft does have a lot to answer for with all the 'pomp and circumstance' around Vista.

Flash Player 9 for Linux official

I finally got around to posting that the Flash 9 Player for Linux is official. A long time coming and a very welcome update.

We can only hope Adobe keeps up with developing for the linux community. I'd love to go full linux and run the flash IDE.... nice to work with the flex 2 compiler on linux though! Now to just get the Flex Builder over there....

Nice job Adobe... well done and thank you.

Adobe Press Release

FLV to MPEG4 (and other formats) Conveter

There has been a lot of talk about converting flv files recorded via the Flash Media Server or red5 to mp3 for podcasting. Well a solution that used to be closed source is now opening up. Exciting news. Check it out.

Update #2:
Looks like we have a solution now! Nellynomore. Whew.. thanks be.

Check it out.

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