Microsoft Vista: Short Review

It all started last week when the company I work for hired a new developer. This new developer inherited an old dell with winXP on it. The developer who gave up this machine received in return a brand new, shiny Windows Vista machine.

As curiosity would have it we all crowded around his machine to see first hand the latest achievement of Microsoft fully hoping to be blown away. After all, Microsoft does have a lot to answer for with all the 'pomp and circumstance' around Vista.

With the new developer starting the next day, this new machine needed to have all the items on the old dell synced over to it. This proved to be easier said then done.

Trying to use the 'easy' file and setting transfer wizzard proved to be a frustrating hour and a half. After the migration seemed almost complete we got a nice message from vista saying it couldn't complete the migration. So not only did none of the items transfer but it created a bunch of old folder pointers migrated from XP. Nice eh?

So to make a long story short... it took him two full days of tweaking, messing around, swearing, kicking, screaming, and crying to get his machine to a point where he could use it. Needless to say this was not a good start for the self proclaimed champion.

As nice as some of the new bells are in Vista... they are just that.. bells. Granted new security features and the like are now incorporated which get turned off ultimately because of the pure annoyance factor. So that new feature is essentially not utilized.

Funny thing also.. this developer quickly changed his look over to the classic windows look. So all that fun work that went into the design of vista were pointless for him. Granted I would have left them seeing as change can spice things up.

My first impression of vista was not a very favorable one at all. It just reassured my decision to stay on XP as long as I want. Vista offers zero compelling reasons to upgrade.... like I want 2 days of frustration for a rollodecks feature!

After playing around on vista for 5 min I became rather annoyed with the new OS and left swearing I'd never upgrade to it. I have made the final decision to move to a mac for my next purchase and to install SUSE Linux on my hp laptop. A fine fit indeed.

Sorry Microsoft.... you lost another user to mac/linux.

Better luck next time.

Seeya Micro$oft

What a glowing review! For a soon to be X-Microsoft user. I will be waiting to welcome you to the Apple side of the force. =)