6 years and stopped counting

With 2 days of vacation in use my effective last day at Eli Kirk was yesterday. I left with mixed feelings of sadness, anxiety, anxiousness, excitement, etc.

I can't say that it was 6 long years because that would connotate it was in some way a bad place to be.. when in fact it was just the opposite.

In this internet industry it is very rare for someone to stay with the same employer for more than a few years. I have to credit my long sojourn there to the two top notch gentlemen who run the company.

I don't want to get too sappy but I must say that my initial starting with the company my relationship with them was truly a boss to employee. On my departure it was good friends not saying goodbye but see you later. I came to trust and value their friendship and their opinions greatly as well as their business ethics and practices. I have had no better employment or bosses to date.

I would also do an injustice if I didn't mention the fantastic fellow employees I worked with not only at Eli Kirk but also at Novell. From my time working on the Novell contract to the time I spent at the Eli Kirk offices on center street. It is true that great people attract other great people to them.. my fellow employees are top notch individuals that taught me much and that I respect immensely.

So why did I leave? I feel that certain relationships lend themselves to help us grow and progress. My time with Eli Kirk was just that. I grew immensely and learned a lot. As life would have it other opportunities presented themselves that would give me the opportunity to grow outside of the scope that Eli Kirk could offer.

On that note.. While I was working there I partnered up with the company owners of Eli Kirk to create Huddle. A fantastic product for web presentations. I will continue to work with them on a very interactive level to move things along with Huddle. So I will still be working very closely with them.

So as the sun goes down on my time at Eli Kirk it rises on my time at Woo Media. (woome.com) This opportunity will allow me to stretch my skills and develop new ones. It's a great opportunity that I look forward to with enthusiasm.

So to the whole Eli Kirk team and the Novell group but especially to Lance "Eli" Black and Jarid "Kirk" Love.. thank you. Thank you for the wonderful 6 years. Thank you for your encouragement, support, understanding, and friendship. I will miss working with you. For at some point I stopped feeling like I was working "for" you guys and changed to feel like I was working "with" you. I wish you the best in all you endevour to do and accomplish.