Installing Flash Media Server 2 (FMS) on Gentoo

I just thought I'd get this on "paper". I've done this many times and thought others might benefit. Run these commands to get the system ready:

1. emerge nspr
2. emerge openssl
3. emerge libstdc++ (this will emerge gcc as well) *note: alternatively you can emerge libstdc++-v3 which won't install gcc but will still work
4. ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
5. ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

At this point I like to create an fms group to run the service under. I run the service as root although you might want to run it as the user fms. In which case you'd have to create that as well. To create the group run:

groupadd fms

Now you'll want to add root to that group. I usually just edit /etc/group.

Once you have done that download the FMS installer from Adobe. You can find it here.

It will be in a tar.gz file format. Run:

tar -xzf flashmediaserver2.tar.gz

to extract it. Go into the directory it created and run:

./installFMS -platformWarnOnly

This will run the installer which you'll fill in properly.

After the installer has run you'll see this in the summary. "./installFMS: line 811: /sbin/chkconfig: No such file or directory". This simply means that it couldn't find chkconfig which is what RedHat/CentOS/SuSE use for managing when services start up. Simply do a:

rc-update add fms default

and you're done. You can run netstat -ant to make sure fms is binding to the proper ports... and of course ps -a to make sure the services have started.

Good luck all and please feel free to let me know how you fair.

emerge is the package manager in gentoo

Yes.. you could use yum, apt-get, yast, rpm, etc... to manage packages on your box.. just a way to install things in the right places. Just depends on your distribution as to which package manager it uses or has available to it.

Is this similar to installing on CentOS?

Hey Jake,

I assume emerge is like yum?

I'm trying to get my install of FMS working on CentOS 4.5 but I can't get videos to stream...perhaps it's an unresolved dependency. Are these packages necessary on a CentOS box as well?


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