openSUSE 10.3 AAC/MP4 support

I installed openSuSE 10.3 over the weekend.. and well I have to say I am impressed with the updates.. but am a bit annoyed with namely two items:
1. XGL support for my ATI x600
2. Banshee support for AAC files

I am trying to run my 24" Dell monitor off of my x600 and it works great until I try to enable desktop effects.. in which case i get all sorts of errors in my Xorg.log and it defaults to text mode. So while I think they are doing great things with XGL I may try AIGLX and see how I fare.

The second wasn't much of an obsticle.. I simply added a new repository ( in my install sources and then searched for "gstreamer" added the gstreamer "bad" plugins and restarted.. and poof.. it's working now.