Avoid Legacy Mazda of Orem unless you hunger for frustration

Ok.. so this isn't technical but if I run through a poorly run business I feel inclined to let others know about it so as to avoid the pain and frustration I dealt with.

I went to my local Mazda dealership lately (Legacy Mazda of Orem) to help my sister look for a car... after the experience I submitted this feedback to the dealership.. a long read but hopefully it will help someone.


To whom it may concern at Legacy Mazda of Orem,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about an experience I recently had at your dealership. Upon arrival the grounds looked well kept and the staff was friendly. I had to ask to see a sales person as they were all sitting around a table and talking.. guess it was a slow day.

Rob was the sales person who assisted myself and my sister. We were looking for a car for her to purchase and I was going with her to assist in the purchase. Rob was very helpful and friendly during the whole process of discussing the cars in stock and test driving them. He was very helpful.. we then found a car that we were interested in purchasing. We walked inside to discuss the terms and such... that is when it took a turn for the worse.

I had recently purchased a vehicle a month before this at a Dodge dealership in American Fork. It went fairly quickly and was straight forward.. no excessive messing around or wasting of time. I was hoping for the same here.

After filling out the paperwork and discussing what we expected to pay Rob gave the paperwork to the man behind the curtain and we waited for a response.. after some time Rob was called over to get the paperwork.. when he came back we had been there for about 2 hours at that point.. anxious to just get things over with.. well.. Rob had another idea.. he had the paper folded in half and wouldn't let us see it before he gave us some crap canned speech about how each car is one of a kind... and we'd be so happy with it and get tires for life.. blah blah blah...

Finally when that was over he opened up the paper to show a grossly over priced bid... I mean come on.. come back with a decent offer somewhere close to what we'd talked about.. or how about your best offer... at any rate we once again reiterated what we had discussed previous, I guess he didn't hear it that well, and he went back for a second round. He came back again with a weak attempt at working things down and again didn't seem to have heard what we had said.. the price of the car was still at the sticker price, give me a break, and the money down worked into the bid was something we said we had a limit on... and the trade in value wasn't quite where we'd wanted it. So after more discussion he went back again... by this time a second sales man decided to step in to see if he could help (I think his name was Jose). I must say he was a bit more on my level.. no crap about one-of-a-kind cars but very to the point.. I guess he could tell I was frustrated.

Well Rob came back and the paper work was now finally looking a little more reasonable.. I mean why did it take 3 tries to get to this point.. I mean come on.. by this time I was already diving home in my Durango from the other dealership...

Well I was frustrated to a point where I didn't even feel like doing business with your dealership any longer. I told them it wasn't where we wanted it and they had been given ample opportunities to get it there. Had they come back with the 3rd offer first.. it is a good chance we would have left with a car.

We left soured and frustrated and vowing never to return to your dealership. It was the worst car buying experience I have ever had. I will never go back to your dealership and will let everyone I know that it was a sub-par operation that could be bested by a 2 employee dealership with a dirt lot...

I just thought you should know what kind of experience people are leaving with and that if I'm the exception so be it... but I'm a rather vocal one.

Good day.

Jake Hilton


User feedback via email

My experiance at Legacy Mazda was very similiar and extremely frustrating
as well. I was just there last week looking for a car and I wish that I
had read your post before hand. I would like to confirm that your
experiance was likely not the exception but the rule of how they do
business. If you would please post this under your letter so others know
that this is happening to many people, and not just you, I would
appreciate it.


Legacy Mazda Buying Experience

I recently purchased a vehicle from Legacy Mazda and had nearly the same experience as you. I posted it here: http://n.1asphost.com/lanerj/LegacyMazda/

I am absolutely disgusted with Legacy Mazda and cannot believe that they are not committing fraud of some type. I have submitted a complaint to the BBB as well as emailed Gephardt; we'll see if anything gets resolved.



I 2nd the motion...

I had a girlfriend way back when, who bought a used car from the same dealership in question.

The buying process went fairly okay, but when things started going wrong with the car, and she tried to put claims on her warranty, she got the run-around to the 10th degree.

Things which were expressly stated in her written warranty seemed to elude the management at Legacy of Orem. As I recall, the dealership got away with selling her a warranty which really didn't amount to squat. They never paid to fix the defective automobile they sold her.

Too bad she wasn't a vocal person.