Port tester for Flash Media Server and Wowza Media Server

I have had a lot of people asking for the code to my port tester located on flashcomguru.com.. well I have decided to post it here. It's a zip that contains a fla and I plan to port it to AS3 and an external AS2 file as well.. This is just an old pet project and so I haven't updated it for a bit.

Click here to download as2 fla.

I finally took the time to port it to as3. I have a written a simple flex piece that uses the class to perform port tests. The download includes a class for the port tester and an mxml file for the UI.

Click here to download as3/flex version.

I have recently implemented full port tester functionality into my NetConnectionSmart class. You can check it out here: https://github.com/jakehilton/netconnectionsmart. It offers more than just a port tester of course.. but it's a full extension of the NetConnection class and has some nice handy features.

Try it here pointed at your own server:

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