Adobe Max 2008

A little late on this post but hey.. better late than never!

So I was asked this year to speak at Max! I was pretty excited. The process to get ready for speaking felt much like a college course from getting outlines together, turning in rough drafts, etc. All in all it went well and because of that I think it improved the quality of the presentation.. (go figure :) )

I was asked to speak on.. ready for this? "User-Generated Content and Social Media APIs"

This was not an advanced topic but mearly how to create an application for a social media site using flash and hooking that into FMS to make it dynamic and realtime.

I think the presentation went pretty well and had some good questions at the end about rtmfp and FMS capacity. I'll see if I can find the replay online and post it here for those interested.

Lastly I would say that Max was a great success this year and I look forward to next years conference in L.A.