Wowza Media Destined for Greatness

Ok.. so the title infers that Wowza has not yet arrived there.. but they have indeed.

I have recently been working on a project to extend a current media server offing. We looked into 3 main offerings, Flash Media Server, Wowza Media Server, and Red5 Media Server. As you may well assume we settled on Wowza.

We have many reasons for choosing Wowza from price to stability to innovations coming out of that talented group. But one item stands out in my eyes as a make or break for a product, that being support.

The documentation for Wowza is great. They have pdf files that go into much detail on how to leverage and get under the hood of the server. I think the greatest asset though is the forum. With other lists/forums you post to you hope to hear a response to a question within a few days. With the Wowza crew it's quite a different and refreshing experience.

After posting to the list I usually get a response in a matter of minutes, that's right minutes.. not hours or days. Now I'm not saying this will always happen, especially if you post something at 2AM on a sunday or something.

I just feel these guys deserve some major props to the dedication they have to not only making a great product but also being dedicated to helping their customers succeed with the product.

A huge thanks to the Wowza team and best of luck with their continued success in this competitive flash server market.

Check them out!