How to ensure job security for developers.

I didn't find this myself.. but was sent on a list I'm on.. I think it's pretty funny to those geeky enough to understand all of it's idiosyncrasies.

What's funny about it is that I think some people actually have followed this.. and then I get asked to maintain it. :)
check it out.

Perfect work

I see that you are making every effort to write it out.Here I want to share some tips that I collected.
Step 1

Work Hard: OK, I know this one seems a little obvious but it's worth noting. Even if your not the best often times your effort will hold a strong overtone when it comes time for your employer to make tough decisions on who stays and who goes.
Step 2

Be Reliable: Reliability is a key factor that all employers look for. Being even 10 minutes late (especially in your first 90 days) is a huge mark against your character.
Step 3

No Sick Days: I know, we all get sick but even this can be held against you. If you truly are sick go to work any ways. The chances are that your employer will notice it and you will be sent home early. Plus this gives you the bonus of showing your employer that your dedicated enough to at least make an effort.

(*note: obviously this is generally not sound advice for anything other than a cold)
Step 4

Be Dependable: Making your self available off hours shows a lot about your dedication to the job. You may even offer to be on call for various shifts through out each week. Doing this allows you to plan your personal life accordingly.
Step 5

Gain Recognition: If you have done something outside of your job description or even just did an outstanding job on a normal routine don't be afraid to let your employer know. Often times your employer will simply be to busy with other things to take notice themselves. You can't expect praise if nobody knows you did it.
Step 6

Self Recognition: It's very important to examine and recognize your own strengths and weaknesses before your employer does. By capitalizing on your strengths you gain a competitive edge over your co-workers. By working on your weaknesses you show your employer that your able to determine and correct any issues you have without having to be counselled on the matter.
Step 7

Have A Good Attitude: This is perhaps the most important of all. Even if you don't like your job you should still have a good positive attitude throughout each day. It does not matter how good you are at your job, if you have a bad attitude employers and co-workers alike will take notice. Nobody wants to be around someone who brings them down.
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