Flash Media Server, Wowza Media Server and Red5 connection limit test

So I got a wild hair today and decided to polish up an old test and post it here. Essentially you can put in your application url and set the connection rate speed and connection cap.

You'll get a simple count of success and failures. As it's running or after it's done you can add more connections to use via the add button.

Each browser has it's own memory dedicated to the flash plugin. On my mac I can get about 1200 connections per browser. A friend of mine on windows 7 could only get about 630 per browser. But hey.. with 3 browsers (Safari, Chrome, and FF) I was able to generate 3600 connections!

I'll continue to polish this up. If you'd like to see something in the app let me know and I'll get it in before I open the source.

Have fun!

No Flash Detected

I had a report that some applications were calling onBWDone, which is normal for some applications. So I added a method to handle this properly.

I was also asked if this sends data or could send data to the server. I thought about this and I think the best and most flexible way to handle this is to allow the server to call a method on the client and pass data to the client. The client then in turn returns that data. So the server can decide how much traffic to "generate". The clientside method to call is called 'reflect'. It takes an object as a param so really any type will work.

You can pass along some arguments in the form of url variables. So if you were to connect to your app like so:

Then 'hello' would be passed as the first connection param and 'goodbye' would be passed as the second and so on and so forth. I guess I could support json syntax for passing objects.. but now we're getting into more complex usage scenarios.. but hey.. maybe I'll add it in.. :) could be fun now that I mention it.