curl: (35) Unknown SSL protocol error in connection

So I ran across an issue today after updating a server. We updated from Ubuntu 8.04 LTS to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. We make curl calls into the server via ssl. Well after the update I got this fun error: "curl: (35) Unknown SSL protocol error in connection" .. after some googling around it turns out that curl tries to use sslv2 by default. When I force curl to use sslv3 it works fine. So a call that works might look like this:

curl -3

I did try to use the -k (insecure) option but that didn't help.

I believe the core of the issue is when my lighttp was updated to 1.4.26 from 1.4.19... php was also updated. So somewhere in the update my ssl calls needed to be v3 instead of v2.... or it's just more picky now.

I hope this helps someone avoid the frustrations I ran into.