Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Grape Juice, or Prune Juice (Flash Media Server vs Wowza Media Server)

So you go to a car dealership.. they show you two nice trucks. They fit about the same number of people in them. They can haul about the same amount of weight.

Truck #1 has two different hitches. Where Truck #2 has five different hitches. Truck #2 has only one of the hitches truck #1 has .. but truck #2 has 4 hitches truck #1 doesn't have.

Truck #1 only runs on Orange and Prune Juice.

Truck #2 can run on any kind of juice.. but the popular ones are: Apple, Orange, Grape and Prune.

If truck #1 is 4 times the price as truck #2 which would you buy?

FMS is truck #1
Wowza is truck #2

FMS has these hitches: flash and p2p
Wowza has these hitches: flash, silverlight, iphone, quicktime, and iptv

Mac is Apple Juice
Linux is Orange Juice
Unix is Grape Juice
Windows is Prune Juice

*NOTE: Does anyone really like prune juice? ;)