Political Thinking in a Picture..

So I'm not saying every politician thinks this way.. but it is how a good number of us feel when it comes to politics. We elect representatives into office.. and support them and what do they do to us? :)

I believe that political

I believe that political beliefs has something to do on how the economy achieve its progress most specifically in the financial aspects.What is your stand on this matter?By 2005, the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) fund was cashing checks its tax body couldn't money. Considering that nearly half a million new Social Security recipients went on the dole in 2010, the impending problem is magnified. According to the Wall Street Journal, SSDI could be empty in 7 years or fewer.

This is a nice thing to

This is a nice thing to ponder.We should really be careful in choosing the right candidate for the position.Not everyone can do it properly because honestly,many officials are corrupt.I remember the principle of Joaquin Phoenix who says that we should not be blinded by what other candidates are saying.Let's be wise enough to choose.I read this here: Affleck says Joaquin Phoenix meltdown in I'm Still Here is a hoaxPhoenix was shown within the film giving performances while on drugs and appearing on Letterman, although even those things were staged. Affleck says Phoenix’s career will skyrocket with the performance in “I’m Still Here”. Phoenix and Affleck might have very damaged professions now.