Wowza Media Server Documentation and IntelliJ IDEA

Recently I've switched to using IntelliJ IDEA for all my work.. including my Java work for Wowza. It works great I must say. The one area that was struggling with was integrating the documentation into my wowza global library. It's not that it was difficult but that the wowza documentation online was all pdf. After some looking around I finally found wowza hosted online documentation. So here is the proces of adding a global library for wowza with online or offline documentation enabled.

#1. Open your project settings
#2. In the left column under Platform Settings select "Global Libraries"
#3. In the second column click the plus to add a new global library and select java
#4. Then select the lib directory of your wowza installation
#5. Next you can either select the online wowza documentation or the local documentation. Online will need to have an active internet connection but will be up-to-date. So in the third column there are two plusses.. the first will give you the option to add a local dir to your library.. if you choose this then select the serverapi directory under your wowza documentation folder in the installation. The next plus will have a little circle next to it.. this will ask for a url for documentation. You can use the wowza public documentation url of:

To then enable this global library for a module you simply add it as a module dependancy. I won't go into that as you can google for that and find a good resource for that.

I hope that helps a little to get things working well with intelliJ and wowza.